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ZyXEL Keenetic internet center

ZyXEL Keenetic internet center

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Internet center Keenetic II is primarily for safe and easy connection to your home Internet network provider and its services, such as such as IPTV. It combines computer technology in the home network, and provides the ability to simultaneously access the Internet from multiple computers or gadgets, play online games, engage in file-sharing networks, to connect smart phones, tablets and laptops on Wi-Fi, use a TV with a Smart TV. For guest Wi-Fi-devices can include a separate wireless network with Internet access, but no access to information on a home network. Built-in firewall internet center protects all devices in the home network from attacks from the Internet. In addition, Keenetic II is equipped with two multi-port host USB, through which you can organize a permanent connection to the Internet via a USB-modem service provider 3G/4G, open a network connection to a USB-drive via FTP from the Internet or home network DLNA, and provide access to a common USB-printer with multiple network devices. Fully self-built BitTorrent-client clock will participate in file-sharing networks to get rid of this load computer.

 If you care to have a fault-tolerant access to the Internet, you can arrange reservations online channel by connecting to multiple providers. In the event of a power failure of the main provider of Internet facility to quickly switch to work with a backup channel.



Access to the Internet and services provider dedicated line


Internet center Keenetic II is designed to access the Internet via a dedicated Ethernet line through providers who use any type of connection: VPN (PPTP and L2TP), PPPoE, 802.1X, VLAN 802.1Q, IPv4/IPv6. Proprietary technology ZyXEL Link Duo allows computers on your home network to simultaneously access and Internet access, and location-based services provider on a dedicated line.

Processor MIPS ® 34KEc 700 MHz network hardware acceleration and optimized firmware provide Internet center high load capacity to work in file-sharing networks such as BitTorrent, allowing you to download files at speeds up to 100 Mb/s* in any type of connection.


Wireless LAN Wi-Fi 802.11n 300 Mbit/s**

Internet facility enables high-speed wireless network to work together on the Internet and your home network with laptops, smart phones and any other devices Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11n. Two antennas with a gain of 5 dBi provide a broad coverage area Wi-Fi network and a high quality wireless communication at speeds up to 300 Mbit / s. For guest devices, you can include a separate network of Wi-Fi, designed to connect to the Internet without having access to information in the home network.

Connecting to a wireless network devices that are compatible with the standard WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), such as notebook PCs running Microsoft Windows, can be done at the touch of a button on the Internet center.


IP-TV with no restrictions


Hardware-based technology enables the reception TVport IPTV channels with no loss of quality even when downloading via the Internet facility torrents or files at maximum speed. For IP-TV solution is possible without additional devices and settings online center to connect it to one or more receivers, IPTV, working on the computer and Wi-Fi laptops.


Multi-function USB host


You can connect to the Internet center USB-modem 3G/4G, USB-drive, USB-printer, and all users on your wired and wireless home network can access the connected devices. With the USB-drive you can use an FTP-server and BitTorrent-client that allows you to be in the file-sharing network 24 hours a day, relieved of this task, the computer.


Protect your home network and safe work


Firewall to control connections and protection against attacks, provides double protection of the home network from Internet threats. It requires no configuration and prevents unauthorized access to your computer from the outside. Wireless security is guaranteed by using the 802.11i standard protected WPA2. The possibility of the organization of VPN-connections (PPTP, L2TP) allows you to connect to your office network and work at any time at home.


More power to your Internet projects


With an internet center Keenetic II you will be able to realize the most ambitious online projects: open access to a friends home game, a file or a Web server, network cameras for remote monitoring or even open your internet radio station. For added convenience, the online customer service center is integrated DynDNS and NO-IP. It will connect from the Internet to the built-in applications online services center and outdoor home network using your own domain name, such as my.homeip.net.

The ability to manually or automatically (by UPnP) port forwarding provides a full part of your computer in file-sharing networks, and video game consoles - to online gaming.


* 100 Mbit/s - the maximum practical capacity of the built-in router, measured in the laboratory using ZyXEL c BitTorrent-client running on a PC in the local network. The actual speed of the file-sharing applications depends on their features and settings, such as the service provided by your ISP, download the current network provider, the data path, and the actions and characteristics of the subjects of the third and communication facilities.


** 300 Mbit/s - maximum speed of the physical layer for IEEE 802.11n in conjunction with adapters, using two spatial streams, and the channel of 40 MHz for reception and transmission. The actual data transfer rate in a wireless network depends on the features and settings of customer equipment, the number of customers in the network, the obstacles in the signal path, as well as the presence of other wireless networks and radio interference in the same range.

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